Some haters may jokingly wish Ed Sheeran were no longer with us, but an Icelandic newspaper accidentally killed him off in Thursday’s paper.

As the U.K.’s Daily Mirror first reported, a fan tweeted an image of the obituary page in the Morgunbladid paper, which showed a photo of Ed next to the obituary of an 82-year-old mechanic named Svavar Gunnar Sigurðsson.

“This obituary appeared in today’s @morgunbladid (Icelandic newspaper) I think someone might be getting fired today. #rip @edsheeran,” the tweeter wrote.

Ed, of course, is alive and well and engaged to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.  The couple won’t exactly have to skimp on their wedding expenses: The Daily Mirror further reports that when it finally wraps up, Ed’s Divide world tour will earn him over $125 million, even after expenses, based on net earnings of around $700 grand per gig.

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