Actor Chris Pratt is contemplating turning his Washington farm into a new business venture after having one of his lambs slaughtered for meat for friends and family.

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” star has been raising animals at his estate on San Juan Island for some time, and early on Tuesday, he shared a photo of his butcher’s work, having prepared the various cuts of lamb to store for future use.

The actor, a father of one, then revealed he is seriously thinking about making a profit from his new passion for meat farming: “Right now the meat is for friends, family and gifts,” he told fans. “Soon though it may be available to my followers as we test recipes and open up to market. Gotta get some things dialed in first.

While the thought of future feasts had many followers drooling, some didn’t appreciate certain comments Chris made about the lamb being “trauma free” as he met his death.

“If he lived a full, loving and cruelty free life, IT WOULD STILL BE ALIVE!! This post is ignorant,” exclaimed one unimpressed follower, while another Instagram user wrote, “I can’t even grasp the fact that you think killing in ANY way is humane. Comparing it to unplugging a tv? Why don’t we unplug you then since it means nothing.”

Chris has yet to respond to the backlash.

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